Factsheet #3 What is Dowsing?

Most people associate dowsing with finding water, but dowsing can be used to find anything that is either lost or hidden from sight. You can dowse with a rod, a pendulum, or your body.

Dowsing Isle of Wight

Dowsing attracts a wide variety of people with diverse interests, but most dowsers specialise in one or two strands of dowsing according to their individual interests. 

Earth Energies (A.K.A. Earth Mysteries)

Earth Energies is an umbrella term covering a wide spectrum of dowsing interests. Generally the term ‘Earth Energy’ refers to  natural currents of subtle energy created by the Earth. This subtle energy is also often referred to as a telluric current, but  essentially it is a wall of energy. Some people use this holistically to enhance health and well-being.

Some dowsers use the term earth energy when speaking of hidden underground geological features like underground springs.

Ley lines, standing stones, stone circles, sacred wells, sacred springs, tumuli, dolmens and pre-medieval churches all have  Earth energies associated with them. But they appear in many other places too, if you know how to find them!

There is much mystery and debate about the purpose of these ancient sites. Once dismissed as ‘just burial sites’, modern archaeologists now agree that many of these ancient sites were used for spiritual & holistic healing purposes. It is hypothesised that the Amesbury Archer for example was on his way to Stonehenge for healing. It is now known that whilst some tumuli  were graves, others never ever had a person buried in them, so what was their purpose? 
Some other dowsers believe that the telluric currents produced by these special sites are related to U.F.O’s and crop circles.
Whatever their original purpose was, all of these sites seem to have the power to uplift the human spirit and consciousness, which is why so many churches are built upon them.

The old stonemasons guilds, builders of pre-medieval churches, kept  Earth Energies as a closely guarded secret handed down  from master to apprentice, but they definitely had this knowledge and it influeneced where the church was sited. This can be confirmed today by dowsing. 

A Wight Weekend Earth Energies workshop will interest you if you……..

  1. Like ancient history and walking, and want to know more about places like Stonehenge, Avebury, The Pyramids & ancient churches, tuning in to their energy and atmosphere.
  2.  Would like to know the real facts behind the Dan Brown Novels, crop circles or U.F.O.’s my workshop is not specifically about these things, I can give you more info on how dowsing fits in if you ask me.
  3. Are interested in knowing how to use  Earth Energies, spiritually & holistically.

Heal Your Home

Dowsing a house seems like a peculiar thing to do, but it is all about ensuring that your home has a healthy environment by using dowsing to detect Geopathic stress, and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).
Geopathic Stress is created by both natural and man-made irregularities in the Earth’s natural magnetic field.
This can be harmful to human health and well-being, but it  is simple to remedy.

Heal Your Home teaches you how to use dowsing rods and pendulums to find and remedy these irregularities.

This dowsing workshop would interest you if…….

  • You are interested in, or have used other holistic treatments
  • You already have a holistic business, or wish to start one

Dowse your house for health is an accredited workshop so you can add geopathic stress consultant to your qualifications.

Both workshops are suitable for beginners or those with some previous experience of either dowsing or mind, body, spirit courses.

For more detailed info on Geopathic Stress, click here.