Factsheet 1 About Beeswax Candles & natural skincare products?

make beeswax candles

I wanted to share  information about beeswax candles and organic skincare products to clarify how this fits in with a site offering dowsing and alternative therapy workshops.

Quite simply I believe the best inheritance you can give your children & grandchildren is a planet to live on. As I’ve said elsewhere there really isn’t any alternative. Yes scientists have bright shiny ideas about reaching Mars, but currently they are just that, ideas!
How long before you could get there and how few would go, plus would you want to live there? 

As Elton says:

Mars aint the kind of place to raise your kids, in fact it’s lonely as hell

So all we have is this amazing, marvelous, beautiful planet called Earth, which dowsing has made me marvel at even more. We are not seperate to the eco- system but part of it! The fact is we are racing towards our own anhilation, the planet can and will survive without humans- fact! She did it before we were here, and will do it after we’ve gone. But we cannot survive without her!

I live an alternative lifestyle which means living in harmony with nature, and treading lightly  on mother Earth, she is my mother, she feeds me and keeps me alive, why would I abuse my mother? I love her!
But that doesn’t mean giving up that which we like, it means changing how we achieve things! So here is some info to help you make those decisions, and it is YOUR decision how you live, not mine. But information  gives you the power you need  to make your personal decisions.

To Bee or not to Bee?

The best, easy, and quick explanation of why you should use beeswax candles is on another website. I don’t want to slavishly copy. or re-invent the wheel, so here is a link to the site that I found so very helpful, when I was researching this a number of years ago.

This article is titled:   

10 reasons you should switch to beeswax candles (#8 is wow)  make beeswax candles



By the way making your own is a much, much cheaper way to do things, plus these days you can get tealight molds, wicks etc all on line and this makes the process easier.  You then know it’s 100% beeswax , not all manufactured candles are!

Soy Candles Yes it negates the paraffin wax nasties, but some soy (soya) is GM , and of course reason #8 above will not happen! The article above also gives the low down on soya wax candles.


I often contemplate how many alternate therapists are blithely using paraffin tealights in their lovely organic essential oil burners unaware of the potential harm these cause to clients! So do pass this info on!


So there it is, beeswax candles, now how about natural skincare and cosmetics?


Natural Skincare

short course organic cosmetics

I have been using homemade natural products for some time, but first I researched  to see how easy/feasible it is to do at home. I was both shocked and amazed at how easy it is to make some products. You can make cosmetics too, but I thought that looked a little complicated for a beginner, and to be honest I hardly ever wear makeup these days, but I still look after my skin!


Not content with researching recipes, I scoured organic skincare retailers, are the ingredients really the same?


Essentially Yes!

Retailers genererally put in preservatives to extend shelf life, and although my ingredients are weighed and measured, manufactured organic and natural skincare products must produce a 100% consistent recipe which can be tested for health and safety.

Generally they add something called Ascorbic acid powder, and you can too if you really want to, you can buy on- line. It is chemically manufactured vitamin C.

Bing explains:
as¦cor|bic acid
a vitamin found particularly in citrus fruits and green vegetables. It is essential in maintaining healthy connective tissue, and is also thought to act as an antioxidant. Severe deficiency causes scurvy. Also called vitamin C.

The above covers natural vitamin C, but the ascorbic acid powder used by manufacturers is generally chemically produced.

Commercially produced natural and organic skincare products also need an antioxidant to preserve the ingredients and an antimicrobial to stop bacteria spreading.

If you really want to try and lengthen the use of your skincare products you can use pure Rosemary oil extract for an anti-oxidant, and pure Grapefruit seed extract for an anti-microbial.

However you cannot claim that your finished product is anti-microbial or antioxidant, for the purposes of selling, unless it has passed the required regulatory tests.  You are not going for a commercial product, which would have to be made in sterile conditions and comply with all relevant laws.

Always ask if you see home made skincare and perfumes being sold at a craft fayre, if they have been tested, and you will of course need the full list of ingredients, as some can cause allergies. You would also not know the conditions under which these products were made. Commercial products always have high hygiene standards. Homemade, probably, but who knows. I reiterate, it is soooo easy to make your own!

As much as I would like to spread the word by selling  my lovely home-made products, it would concern me that maybe there was a remote chance that they could cause an alergic reaction. That is why I prefer to teach others how to make them!

It is cheaper to make your own! You make it up in small quantities, cheaply, so just make some more as you need it and keep to all natural. It doesn’t need to last so long as it’s not as expensive in the first place, so why add antioxidants and preservatives? 

So Why Make Your Own?

Here’s  another site that I used when researching making my own skincare products. I’m horrified on what I’ve put on my skin over the years, and after I’d done a few costings on organic alternatives, I discovered I had been paying handsomely for this ‘priviledge’. 


To the best of my knowledge  this is a bona fide piece of research, but if you wish to confirm this article a google search entitled “harmful chemicals perfume” will do that.

I gave making soap a swerve, too complicated,  but generally creams, lotions and potions are surprisingly easy to make. The trickiest is a cream, but if you’ve made mayonnaise you’ll know what to do, it’s not that hard!

Thankfully the U.K. government has now banned microbeads, which are causing such harm to our oceans, and we are now consuming in our fish. But here is a reliable site that monitors microbeads. It’s a good place to check if a cosmetic you use contains these. https://www.beatthemicrobead.org/

Want Some Help to Get Started?

After years of making my own products, I now have the “experience,” (Experience = all the mistakes I’ve made whilst learning – which you profit from & avoid!)

to teach others how to make beeswax candles and skincare products.

Personally I re-cycle old containers, as it fits with my philosphy of living lightly on the planet, but for my short courses everything is new and unused, but also re-cyclable and sustainable. 
If you’re interested in re-cycling containers I will show you how to make them sterile on the course.

My short (approx 3hour ) courses are entitled Lotions, Potions & Good Luck Charms.

I offer one course for each season The price varies  between £20 & £35.00 according to the cost of the ingredients. On each course you will make 3 items to take home.

This is a wonderful low cost course to attend with friends. I also offer ‘bespoke ‘ courses, which seem to attract hen parties and people on girlie weekends on the Isle of Wight. Date/time by mutual negotiation. 

Contact me for 1:1 tuition too. 

I can offer a ‘menu’ of skincare products for bespoke courses, cost & length of course according to ingredients/products chosen, and number of people attending.

Why not find out more about Lotions, Potions & good luck charm courses here.