My Crazy Alternative Life

How did I ever work full-time?

Regular readers of posts to my Facebook group will know they have been a little sketchy just lately. Today I am going to open out my lifestyle a little more, some of the less alternative bits, seemingly, but actually are a part of a pagan lifestyle to spread love and positivity.

Paid Work

wight weekend

I work 2 shifts each week in a dementia home. I love caring for the clients but  I am also deeply pondering how dementia fits in spiritually with my beliefs, there is little written from any religion about the spiritual angle of this disease. Although the ancient Greeks spoke of the river Lethe see wikipedia.  Did they know something? My mother had vascular dementia, so I am interested. A Christian minister works in the same place, and is also pondering the spiritual angle.  I will never write much here about this part of my life due to client confidentiality. Therefore please don’t ask where I work, I won’t tell you.

My Family

wight weekend

Then there’s my family. Since I have not asked them if they would like to feature here I will just give a broad outline about that too.
A younger family member has a very stressful job and was struggling to balance work and home life. A succession of unreliable cleaners was not helping. I now clean house for this family member each week. This is unpaid, it’s family! My ‘payment’ is to see this part of my family more regularly and the more relaxed demeanour of the person concerned. My alternative lifestyle means that I am time rather than cash rich. This time enables me to spread positivity to others.

At the same time another older family member has recently had a long term relationship end. This person has needed help with finances and with finding social activities after basing most of them around their partner. This family member is anxious and finds new situations difficult to deal with. I have spent some time recently sorting out finances and social activities for them.

This is the pagan way, to help others materially and emotionally.

The Technology

wight weekend

Then there is my website. My philosophy has always been: take control and DIY, which is why I’d rather teach someone how to detect geopathic stress and EMF smog in their home, than do it for them. Once learned you can do this in other homes, and homes of friends and family, although I will do this job for you if you wish.

This principle led me to the decision that I should learn how to make a website for myself, so I have signed up to on-line learning, but there is a tight deadline. My old website has an annual bill in February and no sooner had I signed up and paid for the on-line course than the site was taken down for ‘scheduled maintenance’. A friend came to the rescue with a free course to keep me going meanwhile.

Dowsing New Ground

Wight Weekend Accredited Workshops and Courses

Finally there is my new dowsing location. I have decided to offer the same dowsing workshop as the Island based one in Hampshire. The ever increasing ferry costs have rather forced this upon me. I have tried very hard to promote the Island but the fact is that the ferry cost adds considerably to the course costs. I have offered flexible times, to fit in with people on a break here anyway. I believe that people think this will be hugely more expensive. It will be slightly more expensive as my time is divided by 1 rather than several people. I will always advertise for other participants to reduce the cost, but this cannot be guaranteed.
I have tried, Isle of Wight, to contribute to your economy which I know is much needed.

I now need to verify my map dowsing on the ground and do all the duty of care stuff, such as: Parking, accessibility for disabled, phone signal, which is important if someone should have an accident, toilets including accessible toilets, venue for the theory part of the course, which must also be accessible, and places for refreshment. On top of which I need locations where all the appropriate Earth Energies to be present. As you can imagine this takes quite some time. Despite having alternate weeks free from work I have not achieved much yet. I have had 2 holidays cancelled due to staff shortages. If you work in health or social care you are subject in your contract to the 100% legal, continuity of care clause. This means that holidays, breaks and days off can be cancelled. Now given I get alternate weeks off, and colleagues who work longer hours need their breaks more, I have not complained. I have only had 1 week of my 5 weeks and 6(I think its 6) days pro rata entitlement. I have now put my foot down and February has two breaks within.

Who has Time to Work Fulltime?

All of the above leads me to ask: How did I ever work full time? I ask you to be understanding about my FB postings. I’ll keep you all posted when I can, but I would rather live the life than write about it.