Missed The Dowsing Dates? ~ There’s Still Options!

Check out your Dictionary! The Word Bespoke doesn’t Mean Expensive!

Because posh companies sell you ‘bespoke kitchens’, and ‘bespoke furniture’ people have made a new meaning to the word ~ expensive!

Bespoke is an adjective which means “made for a particular customer or user”.  

I offer bespoke dowsing because not everyone can make the dates, or may not want the ‘whole nine yards’ of a full on 2 day accredited workshop. So in this case, bespoke often means cheaper!

Dowsing Wight Weekend


How Can I help?

I have listed below some ideas on how I can help you, it is  not a completely exhaustive list.please contact me Just some ideas I have, if you want something not on this list. The prices quoted are estimates as bespoke means just that, if you want more than is stated in each idea below then it will be dearer. So please do contact me with your request, if I can I’ll do it.

Dowsing Isle of Wight

  1. Dowsing taster – about an hour , learn how to dowse with a rod and find verifiable items £10.00 per person (two person minimum) 
  2. Pendulum dowsing taster – about 2 hours learn how to pendulum dowse and a variety of practical uses ~ finding lost items ~ food testing. £20.00Per person
  3. Dowsing Expedition for non – dowsers!  about 2 hours, choice of locations on the Island. Learn some of the history of the place and what dowsing features are present, and what impact they have on this area. This is essentially an informative walk. £10.00 per person, minimum of 4 persons . Some Choices are: Quarr Abbey, The Brading Roman Villa and Brading down, The Long Stone, various Island churches. Not an exhustive list. Disabilities? Some locations are suitable, others not, ask when booking!  
    longstone day


    Wight Weekend Accredited Workshops and Courses
    Wight Weekend


  4. Accreditation by module. This is a good way to learn to dowse, since you are not learning a huge wadge of info all at once, you can practice in between times and do the next module as & when you are ready, or just do as many modules as you please, but module 1 always needs to be done first, 2 & 3 in any order you fancy.

    All modules are £55.00

      Module 1: Learning to dowse, working with geo-chimneys ( approx  2 hours)
      Module 2: Pendulum dowsing, working with Bovis Biometers, creating your own stone circle and understanding how stone circles work, map dowsing.(approx 3 hours)
      Module 3: Quarr Abbey, finding a ley, finding a geo- spiral, finding underground water, finding dragon energies, remenance dowsing. N.B. if you have not done the pendulum dowsing, you will not get full benefit from this module.(Approx 3 hours)
    Cost of accreditation included AFTER you have completed all 3 modules and the assignment. Supporting/ revising tuition included (2hrs) if needed on completion of all 3 modules.

It may be stating the obvious but: 1:1 tuition can often take less time than when learning with a group. Hence estimated timings!

     5.  The accredited workshop on a different 2 days! Price still £150.00, if someone  requests the full workshop I advertise to see if anyone else is interested, if not you get 1:1 tuition for the advertised price of £150.00 As stated above 1:1 tuition can take less time, and be more intense, but we’ll go at your pace and take lots of breaks. IPHM approved training provider


…And Don’t Forget

I offer introduction to holistic healing with crystals, and  beeswax candle making and solid perfume making short courses. I offer these bespoke too!
For 1:1 these would be £55.00 but for 2 or more persons they are £30.00 per person. Invite your friends and I’ll advertise too. Duration 2½  – 3 hours. Not only do you take home your goods but also enough knowledge to do yourself at home. 

    make beeswax candles wight weekend healing crystals