First 2017 Workshop A Great Success

Dowsing A Great Success

The 29th/30th April saw our first Earth Energies dowsing workshop. The weather was kind, and with a small juggle of activities on day 2 we managed to complete the outdoor dowsing in the dry, and then proceed to work  at  Quarr Abbey and Binstead church before the first shower.  As it happened the day produced a couple of light drizzly showers that’s all. Thank you Ventnor Weather, your forecast is always so much more accurate than the Southern regional one. The Isle of Wight famously has it’s own  micro-climate, we frequently miss the rain forecast for the South Coast! The hourly predictions of Ventnor Weather enabled me to work around the odd light shower with great success. We had a short break mid-morning and then a later lunch, this ensured everyone kept dry throughout the dowsing training.

More Images?

As always I became so involved with teaching my students to dowse and attending to their needs, that I forgot all about taking pictures to put here and on my Facebook page!  
The Facebook  page is a great source of info about dowsing if you’re interested by the way. I post tit-bits, videos, and articles regularly on all that is dowsing related. You should like the page to get these fascinating bits of info from the world of dowsing in your Facebook news-feed.
Returning to images. I did remember just once to use my camera, and on my return I found 0 images. 

This often happens with Earth Energies, the dragon/serpent energy lines are telluric (Earth’s Natural electromagnetic currents), and have a fine reputation for interfering with technology, phone signals etc, within a small area outside of which everything is perfectly normal. 

Dowsing Isle of Wight

‘New’ Quarr Abbey where I failed to capture Matt & Simon dowsing for Elen

An Unscheduled Bonus

Both Matt and Simon felt they had grasped  dowsing and had no need to use the time allocated on Sunday afternoon for individuals to revisit any dowsing techniques that they were not sure about. But they were keen to continue on through the afternoon practising all they had learned.
As an unscheduled extra and bonus, I suggested a visit to Eleanor’s Grove. This spot is closely associated with Eleanor of Aquitaine by local legend. The Elen current visits this beautifully peaceful place. The extra bonus gave the fledgling dowsers a chance to practise their water dowsing and dragon energy dowsing techniques in a very beautiful setting. The energy there is palpable, it feels as if you have entered a church! Note to self, why not blog on the legend associated with this place……..Another day!


Dowsing Workshop gets 5 Star Facebook Reviews 

Despite my failure to successfully record this expedition pictorially,  both Matt & Simon have saved the day! Both posted 5 star reviews on my Facebook Page within 10 hours of returning home. They have also both booked onto my next workshop,Heal your Home. If you would like to read their reviews, why not visit my Facebook page?

 If you  read their reviews & would like to share their experiences you should  sign up to my next Earth Energies Workshop.