Factsheet #2: Natural Earth Currents & Health


 This factsheet gives info on natural earth currents, these are collectively known as Telluric Currents, in case you wish to Google the term.  I found the on-line Encyclopedia Britannica useful for that purpose. Dowsing Isle of Wight

Dowsing, Science & Telluric Currents

I successfully dowsed for these currents for ages before I ever understood the science. Dowsing is a left brain/right brain combo, which does not require you to understand science.Dowsing has happened for millennia, and our ancient ancestors didn’t need modern science to dowse. Or did they, are we the most intelligent we have ever been? That is  for another day! 
So can I say right now that failure to understand the science, or a total lack of interest in it, does not stop you dowsing perfectly successfully for these things. 


Earth Energies    Dowsing Isle of Wight

Although associated in the west with finding water,precious metals and gems, for millennia dowsing was used to find sacred places and site temples, stone circles and palaces.
Before electricity was discovered, (it has always been there, science just needed to catch up!) Dowsers and priests described this energy as: dragon lines, serpent lines, fairy roads etc, etc. There are many terms. They knew that some energies gave positive health benefits, and some energies were detrimental to health. Sacred sites such stone circles, dolmens, tumuli and pyramids, were built on positive places, right across the world.

Today  we consider ourselves to be more rational and scientific, (future generations will have the final say on whether that is true or not!)
We have an obsession with ‘proving’ things exist by applying double blind tests or instruments, which  are still human made and the product of our mind and  based on our current knowledge. This is the age we live in, and we are just as bound by our current beliefs and knowledge as past ages were. In science things don’t exist unless they can be measured or ‘proved’, more about that below.

Today scientists call for these things to be measured, and  earth energies can be explained scientifically.                                                                         Dowsing isle of wight

Telluric Currents

Telluric energies are natural electromagnetic currents produced by the Earth. Some are produced by volcanic activity and rock strata movement, much is produced by the Earth as it is a giant magnet. If you can imagine the axis through the magnetic north and the south pole as a giant bar magnet, and you remember your school science experiments with iron filings, electricity & magnets. You may remember  that passing a low current, usually from a battery, through a copper wire wound around a magnet surrounded by a field of iron filings, makes the electrical/magnetic field visible, and you will recall what happened to the filings. This is how the Earth functions. 
This natural energy is increased by the sun, solar winds, and flares, earthquakes and volcano eruptions. 
In the morning the ionosphere (that bit of our atmosphere that protects us from solar radiation and other nasties) acts like a giant switch and ‘turns on’ the energies. At dusk it switches them off again. This is why one of the symptoms of geopathic stress is awaking between 3am and 5am. People respond to the massive switch on.

Then there’s the geology. Some rocks are good conductors of electrical current, others are poor conductors. When two such strata meet you get something called an electrical dissonance, this can produce gases and orbs, similar to, but not the same as, marsh gas. This affects our senses. It is now known that the famous oracle at Delphi sat above one such hotspot.

 Dowsing isle of wight

Global Grids

Our Earth has a network of electromagnetic grids crossing it. They are at regular intervals. Until recently science did not agree with this, a product of dowsers imagination they said, but as with electricity,  science has now caught up! They have produced an instrument that can actually record and measure these very low current grids, and now agree they do exist.

We dowsers state that where these grids cross (called a node) is a hotspot and can cause geopathic stress. Like all kinds of stress and some other illnesses, some people are more susceptible than others.
 Science disagrees, because although there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence, it cannot be measured or monitored in a double blind repeatable test. There are too many variables which cannot be eliminated or measured. Stress can be caused by many things and it has symptoms in common with many  illnesses. 
But if you’ve tried everything else, and as no medicine is prescribed, why not give it a go?
Remember the remedies are simple, sometimes as simple as moving furniture away from a hotspot!

Electromagnetic Fields

Going back to the magnet, battery, iron filings experiment mentioned earlier, you will know that electrical appliances have an invisible field, which in our school experiment the iron filings made visible.
Our modern technology, especially the smart technology operating with Wi-Fi  has an EMF field which causes enough concern that the UK government posts it on their website. Wi-Fi gives off radiation, as does electricity. (radiation = radiates energy, not necessarily atomic!)

The dispute centres around, whether this is harmful to humans, and if it is harmful, how harmful.

The same disputes arise around living near phone masts, pylons and electrical sub-stations. I did have a sub-station pointed out to me on a house survey once, with the words ‘should it ever be proven that the electronic radiation is detrimental to health , your house could be devalued’

Scary stuff…….perhaps! Make up your own mind. See the Gov UK site here

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Radon Gas & Earth producing Water…..Science does catch up…..Eventually 

As a dowser I feel I must ‘stand my corner’ by including a couple of examples where science dismissed what dowsers said, but eventually they were proven to be right! Remember natural energies have always been there, our ability to measure scientifically hasn’t!  We are in the age of science, other ages used other methods of ‘proof’

In the 1920’s engineer Pierie Cody listened to tales of ‘death rays’ from local dowsers. Some houses in Le Havre were known as ‘cancer houses’ as a chain of owners (but not all, some people are more susceptible ) seemed to fall ill with cancer.
As an engineer Cody was very, very sceptical and sought proof. Using a gold leaf  electroscope he measured levels of ionisation in the houses, and to his surprise found it to be very high. From various other tests Cody concluded that the ionization radiation consisted of positively charged Alpha Particles. [Each consisting of two protons and two neutrons] The only known source of alpha particle emission in dwellings was from a radioactive gas called Radon.

At that time scientists laughed at Cody. Now let us move forward to the 1950’s in Germany. Tests were now carried out using a Geiger counter, an instrument made to measure radioactive particles……..science had caught up.

So now cancer houses were no longer a ‘figment of dowsers imagination’ science had ‘proved’ what already existed and so now it was real.

If you live in a radon gas area of the U.k. then any home you buy has to be checked for radon gas. A membrane is then fitted under your home to prevent the gas leaking through. Here is the Public Health UK website and UK Radon gas map.

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Yin Water

When I learned to dowse, my tutor explained there were two types of water. Rainwater and Yin water. Yin water was not created by rain but was as a result of a chemical process deep in the earth. Sites where Yin water bubbled to the surface (like the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and various spas and sacred wells worldwide), produced healing water. 
Now clearly science could not dispute that the water existed, or that it came from deep in the ground, but they did dispute its origins being anything other than rainwater, until this year when……. Click here.

I guess science has just caught up again!

I hope this factsheet has helped you to decide for yourself about geopathic stress, and maybe also question if science holds all the answers or is as advanced as we think it is!

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