Alternatively…Vive La Difference 2: Dragon Energies

Wight Weekend

What is  Dragon Energy

As with most things dowsing, confusingly you can have dragon lines, as well as dragon energy. A dragon line is another form of energy . We have a ‘dragon line ‘ right along the back of the Isle of Wight, and because we also have a major ley called the Belinus line we also have dragon energies. In a small place like the Isle of Wight it’s confusing, in other bigger places less so. Let me explain further.


Origin of term Dragon

The term as applied to earth energies appears to originate from ancient China and has been translated into ancient Greek. Unfortunately the Greek word Draco, as in the star constellation, can mean dragon and it can mean serpent. Hence you will hear the term serpent energy and dragon energy used interchangably.

Wight Weekend

Draco Constellation

To Clarify Further

What I intend to describe today is the two lines of energy that ‘snake’ around a major ley, like our Belinus Line, or the more famous Michael and Mary Line. You will see these lines of energy variously described as: dragon energies, serpent energies, yin & yang energy, male & female energy, and positive & negative energy.

They all refer to the same thing!   

For the purposes of understanding, male and female energy and positive and negative energy are the best descriptors because they get your mind thinking in terms of electrical energy and that is essentially what it is. 

I have 2 further images for you: 

wight weekend

The caduceus or staff of Hermes

wight weekend

The illustration shows how electromagnetic waves travel. The magnetic (blue) wave is always slightly behind the electrical one.

I hope the illustrations help you to picture the positive/negative energies snaking around the ley.   

Let me remind you that we are talking major global leys here, not the little 2″ (4cm) wide ‘run of the mill’ leys. If you missed my blog explaining leys then read that first here.

So when someone talks of “negative” energy, they are talking in the electrical and not the detrimental sense.
The Yin/Female/negative energy of a ley tends to visit low places, valleys, holy wells, caves and springs. Churches where the female energy visits on both the Belinus Ley and the Michael/Mary ley tend to be called St Mary’s church, like St Mary’s at Brading. In the case of the Belinus line the female/negative energy is called Elen not Mary. 
The “Positive” or Yang/male energy tends to visit high places and churches placed on these points tend to either be called St Michael, or St George or have a stained glass window, or similar depicting St Michael or St George.

And when I say ‘visit’ these are special places of healing and sacredness where the energy comes up to the surface rather than travelling deep underground. Look again at that illustration of an electromagnetic wave to get the idea.

Most sacred, healing and special, are the places where both energies emerge from the ground together in one place. There is one such place on the Isle of Wight.

The names Michael/Mary and Belinus/Elen were thus named in modern times by the people who rediscovered these snaking energies. Michael and Mary were chosen by Paul Broadbent and Hamish Miller as the churches and points where the energies surfaced were generally, mostly called this.
The Belinus line was named after an ancient northern king called Belinus who built roads, and Elen is a really, really ancient goddess, Elen of the Ways. So they have not always been called these names, it is a modern idea.

Finally these energies are not quite as illustrated above, in that the ley associated with them does not always infallably go directly through the middle, it can be a couple of miles away. But if you looked at the whole length of a major ley, the male/female energies ‘snake’ around it. 
It seems odd on the island here because neither energy appears to wrap around the line, but it is a very small Island, and if you were to look down at a place like Quarr from the air, the Belinus ley is definitely between the two energies. At some places on the Belinus line all 3 energies come together, that is indeed a special place! The nearest to the Island would be Titchfield, but better still is St Catherines’ Hill Winchester. Winchester is the old capital of England.

If you are coming to the Isle of Wight and would like to visit these places or other Island spiritual places, I may be able to do a guided tour  

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