Alternative Island Living.. Thoughts of Royals & Arthur

The Once and Future King

I feel I have been nudged to write this week about the more thoughtful and spiritual side of my alternative life. I am a great believer in synchronicity (definition: a series events which appear to be significantly related but have no causal connection.)  a.k.a. intuition!

Synchronicity #1

Merlin, Spitfire, Wight weekend

Last week I watched a documentary about RJ Mitchell inventor of the Spitfire plane, which, as you are no doubt aware, were powered by Rolls Royce Merlin engines, as were Hurricanes and Lancaster bombers too. I already knew that the engines were called Merlin, but not that Rolls Royce named their engines at that time after birds of prey. So the engine equally could have been a Falcon or Osprey to name two Isle of Wight Ferries!, But no! It was Merlin, the smallest bird of prey!


Synchronicity #2

Wight Weekend Glastonbury Tor

I had tidied my study this week, and what should jump out at me but the Marion Zimmer Bradley trilogy, “The Mists of Avalon” this is one of my favourite works of fiction. It was written in 1983, no doubt you’ve read it. One of the best re-tellings of the Arthurian legends around. Perhaps you may have seen the mini series ” Mists of Avalon” in 2001, or followed onto Diana L Paxson’s prequals (7) .  Even if you have seen the film please do read the book you’ll learn so much more about the Western Mysteries which are native to this land. 
For some reason (synchronicity?) I was drawn to read the acknowledgements in the book, and noted that Marion Bradley had read and Acknowledged the now rare book by Christine Hartley called The Western Mystery Tradition” This is non-fiction written in 1968, but I have the posthumous version published in 1986. No doubt pre-loved versions are still available on Amazon and Abe. I found and find Christine’s book invaluable and can recommend it.


Synchronicity #3

I was wondering what to write about this week, since most of it has been taken up with work related training, not very interesting, or alternative, but the final ‘prompt’ came today (Saturday May 19th).

Having little interest in the royal wedding, I had failed to realise that Meghan & Harry were marrying in St Georges Chapel, as Meghan is a divorcee I assumed Slough registry like his dad. Synchronicty #3 and Arthur? Read on!

Here is  my view on Arthur, and my sources!

Arthur's Grave Wight Weekend

Supposedly Arthur’s Grave at Glostonbury, one of the many UK sites alleged to be his grave

I see Arthur as the spirit of Britain rather than a King to be ressurected in flesh and blood. All those Spitfire pilots, knights of the round table, when Britain was most definitely in need, and powered by Merlin engines, what synchronicity that this particular bird of prey was chosen. Aurthur’s and his knights arisen at a time of need. Churchill may have been our Merlin too, who knows. 


 Arthur it is said was ‘born’ in the constellation of Airies,  making him a  British pre-Christian Sun God, Christianised by monks writing a couple of centuries later and Tennyson and Mallory. In the troubled dark ages maybe Arthur  was a tribal name bestowed on a succession of great warriors. It can be argued that Arthur does not mean bear, but is a corruption of the name Airem, which is in the Irish Celtic pantheon of gods. This would make Arthur a god of the new spring sun, or the new Christian religion allegorically. The grail, was originally a cauldron to feed the people of the land,  and became either the cup Mary collected Christ’s blood in, or the cup of the last supper during Arthur’s ‘reign’ according to early Christian sources.
The name George, says Christine Hartley, is the latin for Arthur, and the Christianised version of the name Arthur. It explains why St George, a man who never set foot in England,  is the English patron saint.   April 23rd is his feast day, making him a Taurean, but under the old Julian calendar April 23rd would have been what is now April 18th, and then George would be Airies as would our bard Shakespeare who managed to be born and die on that day too!(Or so we’re told, the calendar change not happening until 1752, which is after Shakespeare’s death.) Our own queen, we are told, was born on April 21st making her an Airies too.

We’ve had 6 King Georges and it is rumoured that Charles (second name Arthur) will take this name when he becomes king. Incidentally were you aware that apart from the histories, all of Shakespeares character names have mystical significance? No? Read Christine Hartley! Did you know that The Earl of Southampton, Shakespeare’s patron, is  buried in Titchfield Church  where the Belinus line passes through, and that Belinus & Elen meet in  Titchfield Abbey, they meet again in Stratford upon Avon, but I digress!

So when the third sychronicity of Meghan and Harry marrying in St Georges chapel, under the pennants of the Knights of the Garter, founded by Edward III in 1348 & limited to 24 in number only by royal invite, I knew I had to write about all of these ancient connections to Arthur. There is something ‘special’ in the air today. No I will not watch the wedding but I have a feeling of aurgery, and it seems to be positive (at the moment). I noticed it yesterday too, something is going to ‘happen’.

 I think it’s time to celebrate Arthur’s day on 23rd or 18th  April, hoist the dragon flag and celebrate the spirit of Britain, let’s not call him George.

Remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he meets the Abominable Snowman ” I will hug him and I’ll kiss him and call him George!” Maybe if we’d  turned left at Albuquerque the spirit of Britain would still be called Arthur! 

Wight Weekend