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Efficacy of Beeswax Candles

wightweekend candle making

The last batch I made

My older brothers used to say “Mind your own Beeswax” if I was being especially nosey as a child.

So the heat of the sun on the late spring holiday is beating down on the land.   I know! Incredible not one but two public holidays in a row with good weather! 
I planned to ‘finish’ the jobs in the garden I failed to finish last week, that’s before I start on this weeks.  Purdita my 18 year old tabby is sleeping blissfully in the herb patch, she always chooses to sleep amongst the herbs, sometimes she curls up in the mint tub, doesn’t seem to do the mint much harm, just a little squashed. Mimi, is unconscious on the back of the sofa in the sitting room, and it is just too hot in the garden to do what I want to do. 

I’ve had two consecutive late shifts at work followed by a sleepless night due to the near full moon and the heat, so I have retreated to the cool of my study to write about beeswax candles, because I don’t have a lot of energy today. I have recently made a new batch of candles, so why do I use beeswax?

Why Beeswax Candles?

Firstly those cheap tealights, right up to the expensive scented candles are generally made of paraffin wax. This particular wax is made from the dregs of the oil in the barrel after all the ‘better’ oil has been sold off. It is therefore highly polluting and environmentally unfriendly, and then the wick is often coated in chemicals to make this junk wax burn better. Many people who say they are allergic to candles are actually allergic to the pollution they give off, and they’re certainly bad for any respiratory complaints you may have.
It never fails to amaze me that people who claim to follow nature religions, or say they care about the environment burn this stuff, often to conduct ceremonies, say prayers, give holisitc healing and make  devotionals and  offerings! Not really thought through.

So any vegans out there will now be telling me that they use Soy (soya) candles. Better, but there is the wick and chemicals to consider, if the wick is cotton has the cotton been sprayed with insecticide, thus killing insects, is the Soy GM modified? A lot of  Soy beans are, then there’s the polluting food miles.
Some vegans object to beeswax because a) the queen bee has her wings clipped and b) It is depriving the bees of the fruits of their labours. Wax is produced to cap the cells.

Firstly if you buy organic wax, the queen does NOT have her wings clipped and you could equally argue that planting a field of soy beans deprives animals of their natural habitat.
Secondly whatever you eat/use some living creature somewhere is deprived of something, as they in their turn deprive others. Aphids kill plants, ladybirds kill aphids! Or worse still insecticide does, but that kills others in the food chain too, like bees.
Whatever you decide, soy candles have one big disadvantage over beeswax candles, which is… they don’t give off negative ions when they burn.

Negative Ions 

Wight weekend candle makingNegative ions are wonderful things! Negative ions are beneficial to the human body, and positive ions are not. If you have ever been in a hot, stuffy, crowded room or  a room which is  air conditioned  and have experienced headaches or nausea it is probably due to  lack of negative ions in the air. Negative ions purify the air around you. 

All ions are electrically charged particles. some are positively charged  ~ you guessed it! Positive ions, and some are negatively charged ~ Negative ions.

The beneficial effects of negative ions is proven in science! You can buy a little electric machine and this is often recommended for allergy sufferers, or you can buy a Himalayan salt lamp, but if you want the romantic light of candles and a beautiful honey smell, then beeswax candles do the job!

Negative ions:

neutralise free radicals
revitalise cell metabolism (because you are breathing fresh air)
Once in the bloodstream negative ions enhance your mood because a biochemical reaction produces the mood enhancing chemical serotonin
They help allergies by filtering out dust mites and cat and dog dander

Remember all the above is backed by science, and the testimony of my son~in~law. After a cat came into the house he discovered an allergy to cat hair and dander. Since the children would have never forgiven him if the cat went, he struggled manfully on. Until I gave him a beeswax candle on his birthday!
My son ~ in~ law is a very logical person, so the gift was viewed with some scepticism, I think he views his mother~in~law as a barmy old woman! 
So he was surprised that within 30 minutes of lighting said candle, the eyes stopped streaming, and the nose stopped running. Of course it only lasted for a limited time, you have to keep lighting that candle! The very best source of negative ions is fresh air, but particularly by moving water, the sea or waterfalls, but the cat doesn’t tend to hang out there. 

Candles for Spells,Prayers & Healing Work.

If you like to light candles  for casting spells, praying, for holistic therapy and devotionals, then why wouldn’t you choose beeswax? With all the above advantages it could only enhance your work.
Some times of the year, like Christmas, and some spells, are associated with  particular colours. But intent is always the most important ingredient. It usually says “Or substitute white” you could add the colour in another way, have the cloth that colour, add an ethically sourced crystal in that colour, write on that colour paper, have that colour flowers. 
If you make your own candles you can buy candle dye, but I think it has pollutants. You can melt a wax crayon in the mix, but again you’re going back to that polluting wax negating all those good positive ions. Best to add colour in another way, spells should be unique anyway, all those published ones should only be for guidance. There are multiple reasons for this. If you really want to know, contact me and I’ll explain. If you want it to really, really work, then it’s DIY I’m afraid and like everything else in life, you get out what you put in!

If you look carefully you will find your local church has at least the most significant candles, like mass candles, made from beeswax, which is why they have a yellowish hue. If they work for the church, then they’ll work for you!

Don’t Forget the Wick, & Are you Sure the Beeswax is Pure?

Remember I said that some wicks will pollute because of the chemicals used to make them burn well, some manufacturers use the same wicks in beeswax candles, so ask what/how the wick is made. I use organic hemp string pre dipped in beeswax, so no nasty chemicals.

Some candles are a beeswax mix. Unless your candle states pure beeswax, or 100% beeswax it may be a mix, look out for candles that just say beeswax, not necessarily 100%.  make beeswax candles

More Bright News!

Beeswax candles burn brighter but yet have a softer glow, and burn much longer than the equivalent paraffin wax size. A votive will last 4 -6 hours. Yes they are more expensive, and that is is why I make my own, it must at least ¼ the cost! And all those left over stumps go back in the pot to become reincarnated as new candles. Very economical! You can recycle attractive jars by filling up with beeswax for a candle. Candles make great gifts, but only you will know how little they cost to make.

If you would like to learn how to make your own beeswax candles then I offer short courses. Not only do you take your candle home, but also all the info to make your own beeswax candles at home. Check out the dates here. If the dates don’t suit I can probably organise one that does for you, 1:1 tuition is a little dearer, but if you & I between us can find another 3 people then it will cost £30.00 per person and that includes tuition on making solid beeswax perfume, which you will also be able to make at home afterwards too. Your friends are just going to love you!

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