Alternatively…Joyful January


Joyful January?…Really?


Wight WeekendYou may not view this January as particularly joyful, but for me it is. Any new year is rather like a game of Pass the Parcel. In front of me is a lovely and enticing parcel with 12 wrappers. This year mine seems beautifully wrapped with a big bow and it is just begging me to begin to unwrap it.

I don’t know what is at the centre, I can’t even guess at its size and shape yet, when a few wrappers have been removed then I can begin to guess, and perhaps alter my ideas on the final gift(goal). In this game of life  Pass the Parcel, if you don’t like the look of what is unwrapping (unfolding), you can usually take steps to change the final gift, or at the very least prepare to make lemonade if it feels like lemons. Presently my outer layer is looking inviting and the prospect of beginning to unravel the mystery of 2019 is currently very enticing.

Trusting Your Intuition

Sandwiched between each layer will  be guidance or a theme for the month ‘written’ on a virtual slip of paper.  This is my higher self, my intuition, speaking to me. Whilst I know it is always wise to listen to that voice, like everyone else I can foolishly listen to the reason of the logical left brain and the ego, which knows nothing, except how to make itself compelling. The ego is particularly good at the messages “..And Who do you think you are?” & ” You know you couldn’t possibly do that!” It has a loud voice, spend some quiet time meditating and listen to the more loving quieter one. First rule of all mystical work, “First know Yourself.”

Janus God Of January

Of course you may not wish to begin this New Year at all. Maybe the parcel in front of you is wrapped badly and the first layer anything but inviting; perhaps your slip of paper has a tinge of regret. It has to be remembered the Roman God of January, Janus, has 2 faces, one looks backwards and one forward. But he is also the keeper of doors, thresholds and gateways, the God of beginnings and ends, future and past.
Maybe not all of your wrappers are poor and shoddy, and what lies in future wrappers is much nicer, who knows? Remember endings and beginnings too, a good time for optimism.
You won’t know until you begin and intent is all! Use your will, say to yourself, as you would to a recalcitrant child.
“ This year will be better than now!”
Will it and believe it.
The thing is that you have no choice but to move forward whether joyfully or reluctantly. And since there is no choice then it may as well be joyfully. To mix metaphors, don’t judge your 2019 book(parcel) by its cover

Positive Future Prospects

wight weekendI am very excited at the prospects for this year. Currently I am in the middle of a distance learning Web Development for Beginners Course.
I am full of hope that it will be sufficient for me to develop my own web site.
Remembering the proverb about it being better to travel hopefully than arrive, I am hoping this beginners course will be sufficient to do what I wish, but it isn’t just the web development, it is also making the site reasonably secure from hackers, and given that the likes of Facebook can be hacked, it is that little fella, nagging doubt.
I know if I say “I can’t” then I begin to limit myself and my free will, so I am repeating to myself mantra like, “ Yes you can! Just get to the end of it and then reassess”
I have a sneaking suspicion I will have to complete the intermediate course too, or something else about website security. This is a pukka CPD course with the Isle of Wight College.
As the fairy says in my favourite story, (which I will one day blog about): “Then we shall see what we shall see”
I am very aware that I need to pay for my current website renewal in February, so I am all out trying to complete this 30hour course. (30 hours! Don’t make me laugh, probably 30 hours if you’ve used html before, but I’m picking up speed now!)
Ideally I would like to complete by the end of January, but “We shall see what we shall see”.

Lots of  Exciting Prospects

I also need to get out and finish winter garden work, and at some time I need to order next years’ seeds and plan what and where exactly I’m going to grow. I did pencil in decorating the HSL this year, but there’s plenty of time for that when the weather gets warmer.

Ahheee!  I try not to think about what I’ve got to do as a whole and just keep taking one step at a time. I have a very rough timescale in my head. I think inside my head must look like a very strange country, a bit like Alice’s wonderland I think. The white rabbit exclaiming “I’m late” seems to be in evidence.
Panic,urgency and shortage of time seem to be the theme of my dreams at the moment. My sub-conscious is trying to tell me something.
I keep getting the Devil card in my tarot (An addiction or obsession). I always tell querents who receive this card: “If you are aware of the obsession and it is only for a short time, then it’s probably O.K., just be aware of the nudge from your higher self, don’t let the obsession go on too long.” Wight Weekend

On the subject of websites, I think the Wight Weekend name is no longer appropriate.  Just today I have come up with a new one, I’ve spent quite some time meditating on this and then, just when I needed it, it was there. I’ve checked and  it’s available but I’ve not yet bought it so not time to reveal all yet.

The new name is not geographically based, as I’m branching out into Hampshire. I have located a possible site(s), I have booked a few days off from work in early Feb, I have booked the ferry and I am offski to the mainland.

Down the Rabbit Hole

wight weekendPresently things seem to be changing at 100miles an hour, so I am very excited, and positively optimistic. (I’m always optimistic, my estimates of how long it takes to decorate a room are nearly always wrong. I have been decorating since the 1970’s. I should be able to estimate by now, but no! I always convince myself it won’t take very long!)
I am buzzing along, but also trying to keep an eye out for banana skins without bringing my positive mood down. Definitely a 2 of pentacles time.Don’t expect too many FB posts. I think I’m going to be busy!

wight weekend