My Alternative Island Life…What Isn’t Black, White & Read All Over?

Mostly  my life is the same as everyone else.
Last week I did the things everyone else does. I went to the gym, the hairdressers, to work and visited my daughter. 
When it came to writing my very popular, gets most views weekly  facebook group lifestyle post  I was a bit stuck.  
At this time of year (October) people are thinking about witches, wizards and things that go bump in the night. wightweekend halloween blog
A post on the reality of black/white magic and black and white witches, as I see it came to mind. Hence the non working riddle in the title, the homophone doesn’t work when written down!

Lets Get This Clear…

I am NOT a witch. I don’t even like the word. As far as I can tell, until very recently this has always been a derogatory term for women, rhymes with B****, and to me that says it all. That is how I feel about the word, not the people, male and female that use the name. A male witch is NOT a warlock, it is a middle Engish word meaning oath breaker (see here for definition). American film makers please note! Judith’s guide to good/bad fantasy genre films is “If it says warlock when meanng male witch in blurb, the makers have not done any research, so not worth watching”

wightweekend halloween

I am a Pagan, not a witch.
I  have taken things from a wide range of pagan practices to make my own path. That is what paganism is, you are your own boss and have moral responsibility for yourself, and you decide what is ethical and what is not. I like that! So really I don’t fit neatly into any category.
In my opinion no matter what you call yourself, spells are all about directing energy for good or bad purposes! Energy just is, it is neither in itself black or white. What you do with it is.
Dowsing is about energy. Practices like The Power of Attraction (see film In Pursuit of Happyness), meditation, prayer and spells plus many other practices with many names, all require a focus and then a manipulation of energy. A thought is an electrical impulse in the brain, that is energy, that energy goes off out into the Universe, it hits the comon collective energy, and can, to a greater or lesser extent be directed by you and others for good or ill purposes.

Today I’m going to write about directing universal energy with spells, something that always seems to fascinate people who talk of black or white magic. Hence the non working title to this piece. People, including pagans who should know better, talk glibly about black/white magic and black/white witches. No such thing! There is only energy, it just is, neither good or bad, like a knife it depends what you use it for. Intent is the key!


The Ego 

Lets begin here. All this talk of directing the energies of the universe, isn’t that just ego? Well yes and no! There are studies, especially the the work of the late Dr Masaru Emoto which show how positive thought affects water. See Here
But we can get carried away with ego and the importance of ourselves in doing this. I do believe from what I’ve read that I can focus the energy of the universe, sometimes! I don’t believe I am Master of the Universe.

 Spells and energy are such a complex subject it is  difficult to simplify. 

If you want to make a spell, you DON’T have to be a witch or even a pagan. In a way a prayer is a spell, although that is nearer a wish because you hope your prayer will be answered and you can petition on behalf of others which you should never do with a spell!

Even if you have good intent, to act upon another without their permission is simply NOT allowed it interferes with free choice. A friend or family member is ill? DON’T make a spell, for health! Would you like a doctor acting on you without consent? How about just anyone reading your medical notes, ‘for your own good’? How about the ‘me too’ movement? Consent not sought! It may well be in that persons’ life journey to endure this thing or even that their time has come and to continue living would be worse. If someone asks you to cast a spell, instead send love and blessings and ask for the event to resolve itself for their highest good. We just don’t ‘know’, but we think we do. Ego!


Spell Energies

wight weekendTo return to energy and the subject of black and white magic.  The wiccan religion, which is popular and a religion, has two rules (as an organised religion they do have rules). 
‘an it harm none’ and ‘the rule of three’

But not all pagans are Wiccans, and not all pagans are religious, for some pagans  it is a life path choice not a religion! 

If you want to know more about Wiccans read up on Gerald Gardner founder of  Wicca. But also check out Professor Ronald Hutton and ‘The Triumph of the Moon’, which is available in British Libraries and explains where Gardner got his ideas from. It is an academic research book, but easy to read and ever popular, never out of print.

Wiccans believe that you should never, ever do anything to harm someone in your spell because it is wrong to practice black witchcraft and black magic. I disagree because I believe that it is impossible to absolutely harm nothing. Here’s why.

Lets use the example of moving House? Making a spell for the right buyers? That harms none right? Wrong!
If your home is not right for the buyers and you have bound them to it then you have done harm to them. If the new occupants have wild and loud parties you can harm the neighbours, if you then move miles away it can harm your friendships and emotionally hurt your relations. Maybe the new owners will use chemicals in the garden and poison all the wildlife that you’ve nurtured…And there’s probably more ‘black magic’ when you think on.

Then the other Wiccan tenet ‘the rule of 3’ comes into play, if you accept that your spell will probably harm someone or something somewhere, then the 3fold ‘law of Wicca applies. That is any harm done by you to others comes back on you 3 fold. Oh dear! 

I do believe the ‘hung by your own petard’ idea and that sooner or later your luck runs out, but there are plenty of good people in this world that seem to suffer the effect of the rule of 3 without harming anyone in the first place. There are plenty of nasty people too that appear to get off scott free. But we don’t know, good people may see the good in a bad situation and bad people may be tormented mentally, or addicted to something. The point is that once again there doesn’t appear to be a black or white outcome that can be universally applied (See what I did there?) It is what it is, just energy and if you manipulate it then you have to accept the consequences. To me it feels wrong to tell people that there is ‘harmless white magic’.

Would you never hex or curse someone, what not even if the hounds of helll were marching down your drive  with red eyes, slavering and foaming at the mouth?
Would you think “Can’t hex them, Wiccan rule of 3” ?  
Oh come on!

Most pagans are NOT Wiccans! I think you have to accept that when you use the energy of the universe to focus, someone somewhere might be harmed by it, and YOU need to accept this and be ready to say 
“I did it!” and accept the consequences, or just don’t do it.  If you agree that it is impossible to make a spell that doesn’t harm something or someone in some way then you have to accept that even seeming ‘white’ spells and witches are not because any harm would be black. Then all spells must have some black in them.

 Minimising – State Your Intent

Spell work (and sigil work and talisman work etc) is all about intent. THIS is what focuses the energy. So if your neighbour is a pain, no matter how justified you feel, an intent to stop this has to be dealt with VERY carefully. If you out and out hex,and it works (see further down) You have directed energy which starts out as neither positive or negative in a negative way. It is black.
Of course you could just ask for love and healing to be sent to your neighbour as they may have a mental illness, insecurities, fears or troubles you know nothing about, but that’s not a spell, it’s a prayer. It is very positive though, still there could be harm done to you and others, just think on.
You could ‘bind’ your neighbour. There are binding spells but you are then restricting someone, so no matter how ‘harmless’ it seems it is black magic.

You could, and I would do this, seal yourself and your property boundaries, from harm, but even this has consequences for any further energy work for you, because a barrier often stops both good and bad energy and thus could cause you harm.Anger is a negative enrgy, but depending how you earth it, you sometimes need this energy. It realeases built up emotions which un-released lead to stress and illness.

So if you’ve made your decision, and you’ve accepted that although your intent is for the highest good for everyone concerned, there will be some harm somewhere in way you may not have considered.  Now you have to build the energy (prior to releasing it, see further down)for a spell. How do you do this?  Chakras & bio-fields

Hard or Easy?

Raising energy can be simple or complicated. Magicians, that’s proper magicians not stage illusionists, spend weeks, months up to a year building energy. Everything vibrates at a given frequency, that’s scientific fact and is a result of the Big Bang. This IS energy, energy is a vibration which is why it says in the Bible ” First there was the word.” or the sound.Somethings vibrate at an energy wavelength that can boost the energy of the spell.

There are planetary hours, sun signs, moon signs, tide times, moon phases, correct days and times, then there are colour correspondences, crystal correspondences, incense and plant correspondences, and glyphs. The list is enormous, magicians learn their skill for years before they are proficient. 

Most pagans are not trained magicians.

Most pagans focus their energy in simple ways. They may or may not use planetary hours and days, they will use colour correspondences, mostly crystals or candles, and they will use moon phases, some use astrology too, but the overriding key is …Intent and simplicity!
I strive to keep to good intent, even though I acknowledge that there may be some element of black I’ve not thought of, I try to keep 99% white, It will never,ever be harmless! there is no such thing.

Energy building requires careful thought and meditation. Try and think of as many consequences as you can, brainstorm what might happen, keep notes and thoughts over a few days, meditate on it.
Then if you still think it is important enough to you to go ahead risk and all then the next step is to focus on what will your spell look like when it happens.

Using the examples above, you will need to visualise what the situation will look like As if it has already happened. You need to visualise your neighbour no longer bugging you. You have to make it real, really see it in your mind’s eye.

I like to write it down, like a story, that’s already happened and I’m telling someone else. All past tense because it’s already happened. e.g. In (Month Year – be REALISTIC) I sold my house, the exchange was completed, there were no hitches, and  I am all packed up and moving on.
I would repeatedly visualise that, I would see my empty rooms, packing cases, maybe see myself taking down a calandar with the month (not day, too narrow) on it, and packing it away. I would explain how I felt, that’s most important. Maybe see the contract with the house price written on it, but beware if you do this, then things might take longer to get that price so maybe just the words FAIR PRICE FOR ALL where the amount should go.

After you have this really fixed in your head, so that you can play it like a video and it seems real, then  you need to write your spell words, some say rhyme, others not.
 All spells are unique nobody can write one for you, or do one on your behalf, even though you see claims for this. Yes do scour the internet for ideas, but ultimately it has to be YOUR work, and YOUR words. Doesn’t matter how beautiful it is or is not,  it is YOUR energy.
Although you have already raised lots of energy by visualising, you need to pick a ‘special’ time and day (or night).
Before you reach your special time you need to prepare your home, it MUST be clean and tidy, and so must you. Prepare the area where you are going to cast your spell and prepare any equipment and materials you are going to use. Most spellcasters have a candle and some incense, and their words on paper because you are going to burn those words. Please be firesafe!
Or you could go outside and cast your fate to the wind, bury your spell in the earth, dissove it  the rain, drop it in the sea on the tide turn. Please be aware of littering and pollution if you do these things, and on the subject of harming things, parafin wax candles harm the environment. I use beeswax which I make myself, and you can too see here. Different elements favour different spells.  

wightweekend candle making

I made these, and you can too!

They Think it’s All Over!

Whatever you do, you have to build up energy to a peak day/time/moment and then at that moment say the words and … LET IT GO (cue song from Frozen!)
This is the hardest bit because you must now forget all about it! If you don’t forget then you keep calling it back from the area of the Universe where it will do its work, a bit like digging up a seed to see if it has started to root!  Remember you’ve visualised it as already happened. It’s happened!!! So you can forget about it now. 
Clear up straight away afterwards as if it has never happened. Putting the area back to normal removes any lingering residues.

Spells tend not to work if: a) You say “Well I’ve done it, but it wont happen!” This is why you do all of that visualising, your brain cannot distinguish our material reality, from imaginings. This is why we weep at films, get scared by films, get drawn into books etc. Seeing is NOT believing, believing makes it happen. I bet you can describe the people and places in your favourite book. You have made those words happen!
                                               b) If it is not for your highest good in your life at that time, that annoying neighbour may actually create a path to a series of events with a positive life lesson and apositive step forward. How many people have you heard say ” I didn’t know at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me”
                                              c) You haven’t done all the material world things you could. Want to sell your house? Ask a realistic price, set it in good repair, ask the estate agent for buyer feedback and fix anything that’s putting them off. Put it up for sale. A spell is the X factor the additional thing you do, it is not the lazy way through. It just won’t work in that way. Not enough energy. You must be proactive too.
Annoying neighbour? Keep a diary, contact the environmental agency for noise pollution, keep photos and records, and perhaps YOU move not them.
I know in films that a spell is an easy fix, but what do they know, they call male witches warlocks. Spells are extra work and hard work, not something you enter into to make the bus come on time!

Not a ‘How To’

The above is not a ‘how to’ . If you are interested in spellcraft, there’s lots of info online including tables of correspondences. This blog is NOT intended to encourage you to go casting spells, actually I don’t,I make sigils now and then but with such a lot of work involved it has to be something pretty important for me to do this.  
                                             I hope that you can see that there is no such thing as black/white magic just a direction of energy. Evil intent does exist, it is when energy has been directed to the wrong place, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Look at how much energy anger has in it, which is at the bottom of a lot of murders. There are a few cold blooded killers, they  are expending their energy in a negative way and they do tend to build up their energy in various ways odd little rituals, strange justifying thoughts before the murder happens.

There is a proverb which says ” The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” Black magic, white magic, no such thing! Just energy, which we call magic, because we are so surprised we can do these things, and everyone can. It just needs practise, but what doesn’t?

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